Saturday, May 11, 2013


Handprint Tile Craft photo TileCraft.jpg
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Here's an easy update to the classic handprint tile craft. I made these with my buddies.   All we needed was tile, acrylic paint and permanent markers. I helped my buddies stamp their hand onto the tile. You'll have to help young children keep a steady hand to keep the paint from smearing. Along the outside edge of the tile I used permanent marker to print "This is the hand that you used to hold when I was only _ years old." I also added the date to the tile.

Typically these tiles have been made with special paint that would get baked on to unglazed tile. This is supposed to make them heat proof so that the tiles can be used to set hot pots on. I've never seen a parent ever use their child's handprint tile for anything other than a displayed keepsake so I feel pretty safe using regular acrylic craft paint. I did bake the tiles at 200 F for about 20 mins just to set the permanent marker. I didn't put a top coat on these but in the past I have added a spray on clear coat for protection.

A super easy gift that moms will cherish!


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